Education is the key to prevention and therefore FIFA supports the “Diploma in Football Medicine” for doctors, physiotherapists and paramedical staff.

Prof Jiří Dvořák
FIFA Chief Medical Officer & F-MARC Chairman

Prof. Jiří Dvořák
FIFA Chief Medical Officer
F-MARC Chairman


This is a free online course designed to help you learn how to diagnose and manage common football-related injuries and illnesses. Visit a single page, complete individual modules or finish the entire course. The choice is yours.

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Welcome to the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine.

In my various roles as a sport and exercise medicine physician at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Auckland, New Zealand Football Medical Director and senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, I have travelled with various New Zealand representative teams to all six football confederations. Over the last decade, this has allowed me to experience how sports medicine care is delivered in each of these regions. The aim of the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine is to share the knowledge of expert clinicians from around the globe, and to improve the health of all football players.

The content of the diploma is designed primarily for doctors and other health practitioners who have little or no sports medicine knowledge or experience. There is, however, material that will appeal to anyone with an interest in sports medicine. The course is designed to be very practical and to spread the wealth of theoretical knowledge amassed by F-MARC over the last 22 years. It will also include material from other leading researchers. The diploma course will ultimately be made up of 42 modules and will include contributions from each of the 42 FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence. It will cover the major medical and musculoskeletal issues seen in football.

Participation in the diploma is free and open to everyone. All you require is an internet connection.

While the diploma is designed to be completed as a ‘whole’, it can be used in a variety of ways. For example, participants might want to learn about one area in particular and complete a single lesson or module only. By completing the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine, you will be able to demonstrate your interest in football medicine, enhance collaboration with your national football association and, most importantly, improve the standard of care you provide your patients.

After completing these modules, we hope that you will be better able to identify and treat injuries and illnesses, and will be more aware of injury- and illness-prevention programmes. In this way, I hope that football will become an even more enjoyable and rewarding pursuit.


Mark Fulcher, MD