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the complex medico-social milieu

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The FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) was instituted in 1994 by the FIFA Medical Committee to provide scientific knowledge to deal with the various medical problems inherent in football. The main aim of F-MARC is to develop and implement preventive interventions to reduce the incidence of injuries and long-term changes (sequelae) caused by football.

F-MARC is a group of international experts, chaired by Prof. Jiri Dvorak. F-MARC conducts interdisciplinary research projects in cooperation with other international research groups. F-MARC is sponsored by FIFA but all research is independently developed, carried out and published following scientific standards and requirements.

mental aspects to the

medical care

The group investigates all aspects of football –
ranging from the medical care to the mental aspects of the game; such as:



and solutions

Investigations leading to a better understanding of the complex medico-social milieu at all playing levels will allow F-MARC to make recommendations and solutions as well as educational material to raise the standard of medical care in football world-wide. The reduction of the frequency of injury through education and proper preparation, as well as dealing more effectively with injuries when they inevitably occur in this physically challenging sport, are also priorities.

Overall objective
Development and provision of scientific knowledge to assist with various medical problems inherent in football

F-MARC relates


Incidence, characteristics, causation, risk factors and prevention of injuries in amateur and professional players of different countries.

Investigate the frequency of injury

Evaluate risk factors of injury

Develop prevention interventions

Implement preventive programs



Based upon scientific data, the establishment of an international educational body – the FIFA Academy – within established teaching structures such as university medical schools and sports seminars to present updated state of the art medical, psychological and physiological information to reduce or prevent football injuries and secondary changes.

To date, approximately 400 publications in renowned scientific journals (link to the F-MARC publications) bear testimony of the broad acknowledgement for the sound research work of F-MARC within the international science community, systematically contributing to an ever growing body of knowledge in football medicine.