On the occasion of the 25th International Conference of Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology titled ‘Return to Play’, which took place between 9 and 11 April 2016 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London, F-MARC took the opportunity in the presence of all bar one of the 49 Directors of the FIFA Medical Centres and Clinics of Excellence to organise a special meeting to discuss current research activities in order to harness their research facilities in order to present prospective studies and consequently improve the medical care of the football players.

The following subjects were identified and will be discussed next year.

  • Implementation of the FIFA 11+injury prevention programme and the challenges in the different countries
  • Prospective monitoring of head and neck injuries including concussion in clubs football, under the responsibility of the country’s dedicated centre
  • Artificial Turf: analysis of injuries and possible side effects
  • Implementation and challenges of the CPR 11
  • Dissemination of the “FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine” amongst medical societies around the world and the doctors who care for 300 million licensed football players – in order to improve health care and prevent injuries.

The next and 26th International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology will take place at Camp Nou in Barcelona, in May 2017 with the main topic being “The future of Football Medicine”.