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Fortius Clinic is a leading private orthopaedic and sports injury clinic in London, UK. It is a centre of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of both surgical and non-surgical musculoskeletal conditions. In addition to the founding clinic in Marylebone, we have a second clinic in the City and will be opening a dedicated orthopaedic day surgical centre in central London in summer 2016.

Since opening in 2011, Fortius Clinic has established an international reputation, becoming the clinic of choice for many of the UK’s elite sports professionals. It became a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in 2014.

From the initial founding group of 12, there are now almost 60 consultants working under the Fortius banner. Fortius Clinic is split into eight sub-speciality groups: spine and pain, shoulder and elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, foot and ankle, sports and exercise medicine, and rheumatology and radiology. There is close multidisciplinary collaboration between all groups. In addition, we have strong links with many physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals and groups and with the medical teams from football clubs and a wide variety of other sports. Our physicians also act as team physicians for several Premiership clubs and we regularly perform pre-transfer medical assessments and imaging.

Research and education is a key element of Fortius Clinic. Our consultants collaborate closely with a variety of academic institutions including Imperial College, London and Leeds Beckett University, Leeds. Current research includes cellular, biomechanical, radiological and clinical outcome studies. In conjunction with Leeds Beckett University, we are developing a cloud-based sports injury data collection system and we hope this will eventually be used to facilitate data collection by other FMCEs. Currently, with the support of other FMCEs, we are undertaking a study into proximal adductor longus avulsions in football.

Fortius Clinic is keen to contribute to all aspects of orthopaedic education and has contributed to the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine. Our consultants provide foot and ankle, shoulder, hip and knee surgical fellowships which offer high-volume exposure to the management of elite sports professionals. They also run monthly educational events for physiotherapists and are regular speakers at national and international conferences. Additionally, Fortius Clinic held its first biennial Fortius International Sports Injury Conference in 2015 which was a highly successful multidisciplinary meeting, with over 600 physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists and other sports medicine professionals on the subject of return to play.

Fact sheet

London – Fortius Clinic

First outpatient and diagnostic centre opened in central London in September 2011

Accredited FMCE since January 2014

Specialist orthopaedic and sports injury clinic with nearly 60 orthopaedic surgeons, sports physicians, rheumatologists and musculoskeletal radiologists.

UK clinic of choice for many elite sports professionals including Premiership footballers, rugby players, cricketers, tennis players and athletes but also treats a wide range of recreational sports men and women

In 2015, over 15,000 new patients and over 5,000 procedures and 7,000 MRIs and ultrasounds performed


London – Fortius Clinic

Dr Andy Williams, MD

Director / Head of FMCE


Phone number:
+44 203 195 2442

Mobile number

Postal address
17 Fitzhardinge Street,W1H 6EQ, London, UK

Mary Jones

Director of Research and Governance,
First contact person of the FMCE


Phone number:
+44 203 195 2341

Mobile number
+44 7957 174 536

Postal address
17 Fitzhardinge Street,W1H 6EQ, London, UK

Felicity Kelly

Chief Strategy and Communications Officer


Phone number:
+44 203 195 2434

Mobile number
+44 7836 553 507

Postal address
17 Fitzhardinge Street,W1H 6EQ, London, UK



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