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Football is the most popular sport played leisurely and with approx. 300 millions players registered in 211 Member Association, as well as being the largest spectator sport attended worldwide, FIFA and F-MARC play an active role to ensure the smooth running of its various competition, the development of the game and especially towards the players’ health. Medical service provision and practical guidance is therefore integral to the sport and for a successful planning and provision of any FIFA football games and tournaments.

Upon South Africa’s nomination as host of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM, organisers realised that the sports medical and emergency medical staff and football medical practitioners should be able to operate as emergency practitioners if needed. A preparatory education programme was conducted on the basis of which, a specific manual ‘Football Emergency Medicine (FEM) Manual’ was prepared that includes the provision of effective and efficient medical services in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of all FIFA participants, players, staff, delegates and dignitaries as well as the supporting spectator crowds.

At large-scale football events all health care providers should be educated in structured football emergency. The Football Emergency Medicine Manual (FEMM) reflects FIFA’s approach to the protection of everyone involved in mass football events. The manual addresses planning and organizing medical services for mass football events and offers scientific and practical advice.



First Aid Manual

The ‘First Aid Manual’ was designed for use by coaches and non-medically qualified First Aiders working within football around the world and specifically in the developing countries. It is a short and practical guide to dealing with injuries and illnesses, mainly on the field of play, both in training and in matches. It provides a comprehensive guide to immediate first aid management of player injuries and illnesses from critical to minor. The intentions have been to provide a “holistic” view of first aid because of the limited medical resources that may exist. It also advises on appropriate return to play guidelines for a wide range of conditions and advises on equipment the First Aider should carry to all events when dealing with players.

This manual may be of use to those therapists and doctors just starting out in their football medical careers.

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Print Material

Print copies of the FEMM and First Aid Manual are available on request in English to any sports physician and member association. Furthermore, the manual is distributed at F-MARC conferences and courses.