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FIFA 11+

to prevent injuries in players

Playing football requires various skills and abilities, including endurance, agility, speed, and a technical and tactical understanding of the game. All of these aspects will be taught and improved during training sessions, but football, as a contact sport, entails a substantial risk of injury.

The FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme has been developed by an international group of experts based on their practical experience with various injury prevention programmes for amateur players aged 14 or older. It is a complete warm-up package and is designed for amateur or recreational players, who represent 99% of all football players worldwide.


FIFA 11+

The FIFA 11+ programme is consisting of three parts with a total of 15 exercises in the specified sequence.


World Champion Men

The Germany National Team, winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 4x world champion supports FIFA 11+ as official ambassador!


US Women’s National Team

The USWNT winner of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and 3x world champion supports FIFA 11+ as official ambassador!

FIFA 11+


The FIFA 11+ is consisting of three parts with a total of 15 exercises in the specified sequence. It should be performed, as a standard warm-up, at the start of every training session at least twice a week. Prior to matches, only the running exercises (parts 1 and 3) should be performed. A key point is to use the proper technique during all exercises (correct posture, good body control, including straight leg alignment, knee-over-toe position and soft landings).

World champions as a

role model

Some of the world ́s most famous football countries, such as Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Japan have endorsed the FIFA 11+. Despite their history and impressive level of football knowledge, these member associations have agreed to promote the and to integrate FIFA 11+ in their coach education at all levels


FIFA 11+

Worldwide Implementation

Since 2009, the FIFA 11+ has been presented at numerous sports medicine congresses, and workshops for coaches, fitness trainers, physical therapists and doctors have been organised around the world. F-MARC cooperates closely with the FIFA Member Associations & Development Division, and the FIFA 11+ is part of the educational material of official FIFA coaching courses.

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FIFA 11+
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FIFA 11+

Fewer Injuries and fewer costs

Teams that performed the FIFA 11+ regularly at least twice a week had 37% fewer training and 29% fewer match injuries. Severe injuries were reduced by almost 50%, which has subsequently a significant socio-economic impact in managing football-related injuries. The beneficial effect was also observed in the population-based insurance data and healthcare.

On the left side: Results of the first large study on FIFA 11+ in youth female players (BMJ 2008), which have since been confirmed in other subsequent studies with both male and female teams

FIFA 11+

improve physical performance

The FIFA 11+ can also improve physical performance. Players performing the FIFA 11+ as a standard warm-up had significantly better strength, balance, agility and neuromuscular control after two to three months than players following their routine warm-up.

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FIFA Material


Bizzini M, Junge A, Dvorak J. FIFA 11+. A complete warm-up programme to prevent injuries. Official publication of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Zurich, Switzerland


Bizzini M, Junge A, Dvorak J. FIFA 11+. A complete warm-up programme to prevent injuries. Official publication of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Zurich, Switzerland


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