What is the “11+”?

The “11+” is a complete warm-up programme that aims to reduce the most common injuries of both male and female football players. it is the advanced version of “The 11” injury prevention programme.

Who developed the “11+”?

The “11+” was developed by a group of international experts from FIFA’s Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC), the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research Foundation. It is based on extensive experience with “The 11”, PEP and other exercise-based programmes to prevent football injuries.

What are the advantages of the “11+”?

The prevention effect of the programme has scientifically been proven in a RCT. It is simple and does not require appliances, equipment (i.e. no extra costs) or specialist knowledge. It is a complete warm-up programme with different levels. It is efficient, as most of the exercises train several aspects and can replace other exercises.

Are the exercises new?

Most of the exercises are not new but yet have not become routine. The innovation is in putting these exercises together into a simple and practicable programme that should be the standard warm-up prior to every training session.

Why were these exercises in particular chosen?

The exercises are “evidence-based” or “best practice”. They are designed to prevent the most frequent types of injury in football, i.e. groin and thigh strains as well as ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries.

What do the exercises achieve?

The exercises lead to a strengthening of the core and leg muscles, and in addition, static, dynamic and reactive neuromuscular control, coordination, balance, agility and jump technique are improved.

Why does the “11+” not include stretching exercises?

Research has shown that static stretching exercises have a negative influence on muscle performance, and results on the preventive effect of dynamic stretching are inconclusive. Stretching exercises are not recommended as part of a warm-up programme, but can be performed at the end of the training session.

Who should do the “11+”?

The “11+” is specially designed for amateur and recreational players. The programme is for men and women of all levels of play and all ages (from around 14 years and up).

When should players do the “11+”?

The “11+” should be performed as a warm-up prior to every training session, and in a shortened version (parts 1 and 3) also before each match.

How often should players do the “11+”?

Before every training session (at least twice a week), and the running exercises (parts 1 and 3) before every match.

What should players pay special attention to when carrying out the exercises?

To be effective, it is important that each exercise is carried out with precision, exactly as described in this manual. Ideally, the coach should supervise the exercises and correct the players if necessary.

How long does it take to do the “11+”?

If the players are familiar with the exercises, 20 minutes in total.

How long does it take before the “11+” has an effect?

Depending on how often a player trains, about 10-12 weeks.

When can players stop practising the “11+”?

As long as players play football, they should perform the “11+” as the effects can diminish once training stops.

What about other preventive measures?

Other preventive measures are, of course, allowed and desired, especially fair play and wearing shin pads.

How old do players need to be to do the “11+”?

At least 14 years old. If players are younger, some exercises should not be performed, and for others, the intensity should be modified.

Do players need to warm-up before performing the “11+”?

No, the “11+” is a complete warm-up programme that replaces other warm-up exercises.

What footwear should be worn when doing the “11+”?

Ideally, the “11+” should be performed on a grass pitch in football boots.

Can the “11+” be performed in any order?

No, the sequence was chosen to provide a deliberate warm-up and progression.

When should players progress to the next level of the “11+”?

Players should begin with level 1. Only when an exercise can be performed without difficulty for the specified duration and number of repetitions should the player progress to the next level of this exercise.